Newtek Payment Systems – The complete payment systems software that will handle your payroll, insurance, payments and ecommerce with 24/7 customer support.

Easy to use interface

Food Delivery Integration

Ecommerce Integration

Inventory management

Employee time management and iSolved Payroll Integration

zero cost processing

QR Code Menu look up

Pay at the table + Contactless Payments

Custom reports

and general accounting software integration with multiple platforms.

Our vision is to make point of sales systems more social, data-oriented, and plug and play with other platforms. 

Newtek Payment Systems gives you the business intelligence tools to successfully know how your business is performing day in and day out. Our reports provide you the ability to also manage how well items are selling, how employees are performing, and more, all for one price.

  • Designed to help increase sales
  • Payroll taxes and time and attendance function fully integrated
  • All in one cloud-based platform
  • Robust back-office feature
  • Equipment financing available over 10 years – quick approvals and easy funding
  • Accounting integration into the general ledger
  • Easy contactless payment setup

Why Choose Newtek Payment Systems

Online Storefront

Seamless integration with your POS, allowing online orders to be sent directly to you

Easy-to-Use Interface

A user-friendly and consistent interface design across the board that’s easy to maneuver

food delivery

Newtek Payment Systems helps streamline food delivery and pickup services directly through your POS.

Pay at the table

Customers can focus on one task at a time, statistically leading to higher gratuities.

QR Code

The use of QR codes simplifies the ordering process for your customers. With their mobile devices, all customers need to do is point and scan your QR code to have access to your menu digitally.

Kitchen Display System

Endless options on sending orders to the kitchen and infinite scroll between orders, ideal for large parties.

Table Mapping

The interactive system shows a restaurant seating chart (customizable to replicate your dining room).

Inventory Management

Seamlessly upload inventory with the option to scan items and receive alerts when stock is running low

barcode scanning

SKI/UPC scanning supported, Multiple UPC scan for single item, barcode printer integration (includes three different printable sizes).

Employee Management

With iSolved your Human Resource needs are all in one place—management can set up employee info, schedules, wages, and review time cards.

Customizable Reporting

Access to over 80 customizable reports for transactions, products, employees, and integrate into multiple accounting software.


Gift cards can be activated, deactivated, loaded, and balance viewable on screen.

Customer Support

  • 24/7 U.S.-based Customer Service department 
  • Minimal call wait time with representatives ready to assist
  • We invest time into first call resolution to reduce your transfers
  • You are provided with demos and training so you are ready to utilize all of the features of our POS right from the start