Newtek Payment Systems offers you the ability to set loyalty, rewards, and gift card programs. With separate dropdown menus, you can view coupons, scan or insert coupon codes, then apply the code to the order/item the coupon is for.


Coupon reporting allows you to categorize the types of promotions (product or order level) and these preset categories can be chosen and applied during sale. You have the option for coupons to be single or multiple uses as well as having them available during certain timeframes.


You can choose preset percentages or type in any percentages to apply discounts. A useful tool to service employees, students, senior citizens, and children.

Gift Cards / Valuetec

You can activate and deactivate the gift cards, load them, and view/print the balance for the customer. Your customers can also use the gift card to partially pay for the item should the cost be higher than the balance. With our partners at Valutec you can have a physical gift, loyalty, or rewards cards customized to have your company logo and colors.

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

A points system for you customers can be set up on the POS. You can activate and deactivate a loyalty program for customer, view balances, search for a saved loyalty member, and update customer info. All discount rewards programs can be scanned or manually entered into the POS during a transaction. Option to have loyalty/rewards cards or have them virtual.

Customer Support

Our U.S.-based customer service team is available 24/7/365. We have minimal wait times with representatives ready to assist along with first call resolution, so you can spend less time on the phone and more time running your business.