The Cloud-Based Software That’s Reinventing Point of Sale for Grocery Stores

Take your grocery store to the next level with Newtek Payment Systems. Seamlessly scan and scale all products, text and email receipts, leverage a one-of-a-kind reporting system, and much more!


Easy to Use Interface

Ensure a user-friendly and consistent interface design across the board

Edit categories at the menu item and/or order level with a 3-tab speed navigation and ticketing system

Complete customization of your menu

Only minimal training needed

Inventory Management

Bulk uploading for inventory

Scan products into inventory

Price and stock quantity check (includes option to scan)

Alerts when product inventory is low

Barcode Scanning

SKI/UPC scanning supported

Multiple UPC scan for single item

Barcode printer integration (includes three different printable sizes)

Custom Reports and Accounting Software Integration

Over 80 customizable reports

Access to pull daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports

Break down sales by items, card types, and employees

Ability to see products not sold within specific timeframes (or at all)

Reports for other store locations accessible

Able to integrate to multiple accounting software


Capability to accept online orders that are sent directly to the POS (pickup and delivery)

Ideal for catering for office parties, birthdays, and holiday events

Customer can re-order previous menu items with just one touch.

Enhances your customer’s experience and the web store is accessible through mobile and internet capable devices

We offer web hosting and can set up a website integrated with your POS

Connect QuickBooks to your business bank account and credit cards.


With iSolved your Human Resource needs are all in one place—management can set up employee info, schedules, wages, and review time cards.

Customer Support

  • 24/7 U.S.-based Customer Service department 
  • Minimal call wait time with representatives ready to assist
  • We invest time into first call resolution to reduce your transfers
  • We’re fully equipped with demos and training needed to completely utilize your POS

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